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News Letter 16th Feb 2020

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UPDATED! We had a good start to our learn to sail program 8 week course yesterday. However, late entries are still welcome, please join us next Sunday by 10:00am for coaching by Neil and Georgie.

A huge welcome to our New Windsurfers at our club today...

UPDATED! We had a good start to our learn to sail program 8 week course yesterday. However, late entries are still welcome, please join us next Sunday by 10:00am for coaching by Neil and Georgie.

A huge welcome to our New Windsurfers at our club today...

Andrew Grant - from Branxton, Starboard Go 170 had lesson and will sleep well. Keep it up mate and practice with that 4m rig and try some SUP ing to help with core fitness and balance. You are welcome to use any of our club boards and I can help you on your journey, come down on a weekday and I will help!

Michael Shain from Mayfield, Blue Windsurfer One design returning to windsurfing after a 20 year break. Thanks for joining us - hope you can make it regularly, will give you a blast on a LT next time to compare! 

Ben Micallef- from Swansea Heads, Using Michael Lancey’s LT. GREAT TO HAVE YOU BACK AND GLAD YOU ARE SUPER KEEN. Will loan you one of our spare LT’s next time. Thanks for taking back Michaels and Wills gear from South Aus Nationals for me. Hoping you can convince the Mark Long, SUZIE and Will Wright and Michael Lancey to join us one day!

Anthony Charlton - from Coal Point, 16 years old and a future champion, sailing his Olympic Class RSX on 9.5 sail! Manages to beat the fleet and risks membership cancellation by the Pres, Neil Petherbridge on his Laser - mate, go easy on the pres - he has a heart condition and you’ve just broken it by flogging him round the course! Broke a batten Cam and retired before completing 2nd race. Our old school Windsurfers don’t have those problems mate no cams! Plans on selling his second RSX (has been trained by Jessica Crisp a 3 time Olympic windsurfer) Great to have you and your dad Paul Charlton join the club and looking forward to sailing with you regularly at Toronto. Anthony is so good they named his school after him.

Sarah Petherbridge - part time Queenslander and uni student - sailed her Windsurfer LT. She’s a NYC Dinghy Instructor, an accredited Australian Sailing Windsurfing Instructor and known to be a bit of a party animal (scored a Coopers sticker from Ben so she can give the impression she sailed at the Nationals) good score and will look great on that red sail - and pretty handy with her windsurfer on the course - just needs a seat harness dad to save her arms so she doesn’t end up with biceps of a body builder! Oh and loves a little help from all the guys with rigging and pack up -lol- Come back soon...

Michael Babbage - Coal Point, sailmaker at Warner’s Bay (handy to know, trained by the legendary Bob Fussell). Called in for a visit with his adorable daughter to say hello. Come on down mate and we will find a board for you. Maybe rig up a sail with a lower boom for your girl to learn the ropes with dad on board.

Peter Doolan - Adamstown Heights, sailed my LT for the first race as he was busy babysitting his two kids and their mates today. Had a rare appearance due to having the weekend off for a change. Co NSW REP WITH ME FOR THE WINDSURFER CLASS ASSOCIATION and just as passionate as I am about growing our sport. He beats me all the time in Super Heavy Weight Division at Nationals and State titles and Leading point scorer in the NSW CITY SUMMER SERIES after heat 4 of 5 at DAC! Next heat at Hunters Hill 22nd March.

Al Haynes, a Toronto resident once again after a move back home to the parents abode. You’d think he’d be one of the first here today but nooo he was still running late! Sailed LT1 to victory lap one of second round of racing against Sarah and Ben. Hiked a little too far upwind on first tack to hand the lead over to a competitive Ben Who took the honours with Sarah retired to the bar needing some physio and refreshments to ease the pain.

7 Windsurfers on the water today which is awesome given we had several regulars away on the day!
Thanks everyone for turning up. We have a few other members who couldn’t make it this weekend if we can get 6 on a regular basis it will be great for our combined enjoyment.

Also had a good crowd of students today for learn to sail. Bens son was one of the students. Micheal’s son may join us sometime in future after nippers and Wednesday night sailing course at NYC.

Rod Mackay, Carey Bay, RA MACKAY YACHT BROKERAGE at RMYC rolled out his Laser for a cruise up to coal point and back AND JOINED US FOR AFTER RACE BEVVYS. Come back next week and join us for some racing if you can spare the time Rod.

KEVIN filled in for Lachlan on Ken Davies Skate today.
The other Lachlan, Lachlan Schroeder (son of Warwick and Meg? Margaret Evans?) - Hope I’ve got that right Lachlan, who both went to TORONTO high with Rod and I - sailed with Peter Scott on the other skate.

Waverly Mears and Eliza KIRBY sailed the flying ant but still want to be way cooler than the other dinghy sailors and master Windsurfing. Don’t worry girls you won’t have to do much to be way cooler than all us old guys!

Laser pilots today were: Neil Petherbridge, Toronto waterfront resident and President,
Darren Boden, Blackalls Park, our Treasurer and not too sure if anyone else sailed lasers today apart from lessons?

Mark Kirby, Kilaben Bay, Elizas dad and our club Secretary held the fort together today and was a terrific organiser and volunteer.

Apparently, our other regular Laser sailor, Andrew Mears was unwell and couldn’t race today but made a miraculous recovery to rebound and head to the pub to enjoy the Black Sorrows with the Kirbys and his beautiful wife Kim - who also helped out at the club today. JORDAN ALSO SAILED THE LASER AND WENT REALLY WELL. Neil made point of reminding me that he actually beat young Anthony to the top mark - even though Anthony was sporting a thumping huge 9.5m sail. I think the reason is that Paul advised his son to take it easy on the locals for the first race and that’s what young Anthony did, however, he couldn’t contain himself and shot through for an unassailable lead. 

Apologies from Lisa Jackson, Toronto local - she had a headache deciding whether to be a cool windsurfer on her lightning fast Orange sailed LT and win all the races (she’s bloody fast) or keep in Neils good books and sail a laser. She sat out the day rather than break Neils heart twice in the one day! Actually helping her mum move house!

Apologies from Grant Shultz, of Eleebana who is preparing for a house sale ( maybe moving to TORONTO mate?) he’s also pretty fast and did well in heavyweights at states and nationals and a regular at our club. I still have your board mate let me know and I will drop it around or pick up at my place and enjoy an icy cold Coopers Pale Ale with Compliments of Michael Lancey to relive memories of Brighton Seacliff Yacht Club. I enjoyed a few of those last night so better hurry Grant!

Not sure what happened to Rob Livingstone today our other regular laser sailor...

Sarah did you read this or just skim....?
A good days sailing, see most of you next Sunday...

We should have 3 RS 100’s joining us in the coming weeks.

WE ARE ALSO EXPECTING SOME SPECIAL GUESTS FROM SYDNEY TO JOIN US ON SUNDAY FOR WINDSURFING… WHY? They’ve raced here several times and love our club and location! WHO? Show up and you will get to meet and greet - at least one legend of the sport and likely several more…Let me know if you think you can make it and bring along a friend if you can… Windsurfer… 50% sailing / 50% fun - that means the bar will be open for business as usual with lunches available.

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